Argumentative Essay Outline Worksheet: The Guide to Write a Good Piece

The Writing Guide to Compose a Persuasive Argumentative Essay

A sketch worksheet is essential if you want to draft a perfect argumentative essay. Any form of writing follows particular guidelines. You must understand the writing demands to deliver an excellent piece, also you can join to, for professional help.

You can learn more about an argumentative piece to understand why it follows a particular approach. To point out, the objective of this piece is to enlighten the audience and not to persuade. The content might be inclined on a position and invalidating the other, but it must be informational. It is different from the persuasive essay, even though it may have the same approach.

Like many essay forms, an argumentative piece has three significant parts. It includes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. This article will focus on explaining each section to make your writing smooth.

Argumentative Paper Introduction

The beginning is distinct from other parts of the article because of its purpose. It has different elements that make it possible to achieve its drive.

  1. A hook statement is one of the functions of the introduction to intrigue the readers and make them eager to read on. You achieve it with a hook. It is a distinct line from the rest of the text that intrigues the reader. You can use a rhetorical query, impressive statistics, or a meaningful quote. The purpose is to get the writer interested in your writing.
  2. Background information-you can use anything to grab your reader’s attention. The following vital step is to offer the necessary data to narrow your focus on what you need to present. You assist the reader follow your arguments by giving the background of your study that transit to the thesis statement.
  3. The thesis statement- it highlights the main argument of your article. The entire article focuses on supporting your thesis statement. Here you give your idea and inform the reader why it is the correct outlook.

These three parts form the main sections of your introduction. Each of the sections works differently to ensure you come up with a compelling introduction.

Body paragraphs

The content in the body paragraphs is to back your thesis. It is why it must be clear to help the reader know the direction of your writing. To make your body paragraphs excellent, ensure you follow this structure.

  1. Topic sentence-it is a sentence that makes a switch from the previous section to the current one. It also carries the main sub-argument of the paragraph.
  2. After presenting the topic sentence, you provide a claim that links it to the thesis statement. The goal is to clarify how the idea strengthens and confirms the main point.
  3. Evidence-the factual information defends the claim. You must present citations, references that support your petition. The validity of your essay lies in credible sources as opposed to personal opinions.
  4. Concluding statement- after defending your claim with valid information, end the paragraph with a concluding statement. Here, you sum the significance of the claim to the thesis. You let the reader know why the points you have raised are essential.

You repeat the same for different points, depending on the length of your paper. Each paragraph must have a single idea to make your writing more readable, more tips about how to write a good essay you can take at, so enjoy it.

Lastly, the conclusion restates the thesis, sums the main ideas in each section, and provides an overall concluding statement.

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