Argumentative Research Paper Outline: Tips to Write Like a Pro

Professional Tips on Writing an Argumentative Paper

The first step to writing a winning piece is to ensure you understand your subject. An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing where your main aim is to inform the reader about something by presenting both sides of an argument. You should not confuse it with a persuasive essay because you are not tasked to convince here. 

Writing a kind piece will depend on your research, writing, and analytical skills. Drafting a research argumentative paper trains you to debate and present information coherently. When you write this paper, focus on information and facts as opposed to personal opinions and ideas. 

You can approach an argumentative research paper in different styles. You can present the different sides of an argument or favor one side. Regardless of the approach, you must follow the right format to ensure you meet its mandate excellently. Your research paper must have all elements required in academic writing. 

Elements of a Research Argumentative Article  

To write a winning argumentative piece, do a proper study to come up with appealing content. The information you get must support three main parts.

  1. The position -determine your position on an argument before you embark on writing your paper. Provide enough information about why you have considered that stance. 
  2. Evidence – ensure you have a part in your paper to provide factual information to substantiate your reasons for taking a particular stance. The article must contain references and citations to show where you have gathered your data. It is the reason why excellent research skills are required to make a good paper.  
  3. Counterarguments- here, you present the other side of the subject. Give opposing argument(s) from your outlook. After presenting the opposite side, show why they are false or ineffective by offering more pieces of evidence. 

There are various approaches you can use to write your paper. However, ensure that it includes the highlighted sections because they are vital in making a fantastic piece. Get enough data to support a claim you make in an argumentative paper.

Composing an Argumentative Paper Outline

Now that you understand how to write an argumentative essay, you can now form a good outline that includes all the highlighted sections. For a five-paragraph structure, your paper will consist of three main parts, the introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of them has a unique structure. Understanding them will make your writing simple. 

Introduction –like any other piece in academic writing, the introduction must start with a hook to captivate the readers. The presentation must also include the background of the study and the thesis statement.

The second part is the body that consists:

  1. A topic sentence
  2. Claim 
  3. Evidence 
  4. Concluding statement

In this section, you provide complete information from research to support your stance and invalidate other positions.

In conclusion, you do not provide any other information apart from what you have written in the body. Here you restate the thesis, a summary of the sub-arguments, and the overall concluding statement. 

When you are done writing your argumentative paper, ensure that you edit and confirm that it has followed all the writing norms. Iron out all mistakes to deliver a flawless paper. 

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